Shipping Information

 *** Riptide Aquaculture LLC, reserves the right to hold or delay shipments based on weather; holidays or other exigent circumstances. We make these decisions first and foremost with the regard to the health and safety of the animals. We understand that this can be frustrating, but please be assured that our main goal is to deliver your package in a timely manner with the highest quality as a standard. ***



A point of contact must be established before we will ship your package. We need to know when you will be available to receive your package.

Live Arrival Guarantee

If you choose to have your package held for pickup you must pick up your package within four hours of the package being available for pickup. Our DOA policy is simple! In the event that you experience a loss please email a CLEAR digital image of the coral in it’s original packaging within two hours of delivery for replacement credit.

DOA claims submitted after the two hour time frame will be reviewed on an individual basis at management’s discretion. You will receive a credit towards your next purchase. Under no circumstance is the customer to reject delivery of an order this will void our DOA guarantee. If the package is leaking or damaged please document the damage and contact us immediately. Please do not discard the corals without authorization from Riptide Aquaculture, doing so will void our DOA guarantee.
We cannot solve a problem if we are not aware of it!
Please make sure to contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns regarding a shipment. If we do not hear about your shipment via email or phone call, we will assumed that everything arrived in perfect condition and no further action is required on our part. 

    We will always do our best to work with our customers in the event of a lost or delayed package. Rest assured, you're not in this alone! 


    DOA Claims can be submitted to and will be responded to by no later than the next business day.