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The Aquaculture Difference - The Riptide Way


In the mesmerizing world of reef keeping, enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to make their underwater paradises thrive. However, as the hobby grows, so does the concern for the sustainability of our ocean's coral reefs. Enter Riptide Aquaculture, a beacon of hope and innovation in the aquaculture industry, dedicated to preserving the beauty and diversity of coral reefs through sustainable practices.

What is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture, or the cultivation of aquatic organisms under controlled conditions, is revolutionizing the way we think about coral in reef aquariums. This practice involves the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of plants and animals in all types of water environments. For coral, aquaculture means replicating ocean conditions to grow corals, thus reducing the need for wild harvesting that can harm natural reef ecosystems.

The Importance of Sustainable Practices

The extraction of corals from the wild has significant environmental repercussions, including habitat destruction and the decline of coral populations. Sustainable aquaculture practices offer a solution by minimizing the impact on natural reefs. By choosing aquacultured corals, hobbyists contribute to the conservation of these vital ecosystems.

The Riptide Way: A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

At Riptide Aquaculture, our mission is to provide reef enthusiasts with high-quality, sustainable coral options. We specialize in a variety of species, including Zoanthids, Hammer coral, Favia, Torch coral, Palythoa, Soft coral, Acropora, Goniopora, Chalices, and Mushrooms, as well as sought-after collector and high-end corals. Each coral undergoes a meticulous quarantine and acclimation process to ensure they are healthy, vibrant, and pest-free, ready to thrive in your aquarium.
Clove Polyps, High end hammer, collector torch, Purple Monster Zoanthid coral

The Benefits of Choosing Aquacultured Corals

Aquacultured corals are not just a sustainable choice; they're a smart one for any hobbyist. Adapted to life in captivity, these corals are more resilient, maintaining their stunning colors and robust health. This adaptation means they're less likely to undergo drastic color changes or succumb to the stresses of the captive environment, making your reef keeping journey both successful and rewarding.
World Wide Corals ( WWC )Bounce Mushroom

Our Coral Selection: From the Common to the Collector

Riptide Aquaculture prides itself on offering an extensive selection of corals, catering to both novice and seasoned reef keepers. Whether you're looking to add a splash of color with vibrant Zoanthids or seeking the rare beauty of collector corals, our collection is curated to inspire and impress. Each coral in our care is a testament to the beauty and resilience of marine life when supported by responsible aquaculture practices.
Holy Grail Torch coral

Why Choose Riptide Aquaculture?

Choosing Riptide Aquaculture means more than just acquiring a coral; it's joining a movement towards sustainable reef keeping. We are committed to supporting our customers through education on coral care and sustainable practices, ensuring that your reef not only thrives but also contributes to the broader conservation efforts. With Riptide, you're not just building an aquarium; you're investing in the future of our oceans.


The journey of reef keeping is one of discovery, beauty, and responsibility. By choosing aquacultured corals from Riptide Aquaculture, you're taking a stand for sustainability, ensuring the vibrancy of your aquarium, and contributing to the preservation of coral reefs worldwide. Dive into the Riptide way and experience the difference that sustainable aquaculture can make in your reef keeping adventure.

Join us at Riptide Aquaculture, where the future of reef keeping is bright, sustainable, and breathtakingly beautiful.

What Our Clients Say About Us

David Tannenbaum
in the last week

Just got my first order in. Came the next day. Packaging was perfectly done and better than many other coral dealers. Each was clearly ID'd in specimen jars with care instructions for each one individually. The prior day I hadn't specified a delivery date (which is a great feature) and they called me to verify. Absolutely flawless experience and I'll be back. Really reasonable prices on corals as well. Worth every penny.

Erwin Bertomolde
a month ago

100% recommended, I had doubts about buy corals on line, but I trusted in Riptide Aquaculture and I’m satisfied with my choice, excellent service, All corals arrived in good conditions, good colors, and good shape.

Daniel Zia
a month ago

Excellent coral buying experience. All four corals arrived intact, each was packed in sufficient water and tripled bagged. Shipped from florida to california in 24 hrs. Communication was excellent and they adjusted delivery date per my request.

Mark Stover
a month ago

I just ordered 9 coral during Riptides recent reef2reef tiki sale. I requested they be delivered on a set day, but they realized that it may be too cold for shipping so they requested that it be moved out a week. The following week they shipped on time and the packaging was excellent. Heat pack inside the styrofoam box kept the coral warm in transit and each coral was triple bagged. They all were healthy and looked great when they arrived. One was kind of small, but I can’t really complain as it was only $5 during the sale. Overall I was very pleased with the entire process. I would highly recommend them.

a month ago

Really fun buying during the Tiki Torch Sale! (That may be the wrong name 🤷). Regardless, the sale was a ton of fun and I got some really amazing pieces for a crazy good price. They had crazy $5 specials, just had to be fast enough. You could win three of them, and you have to buy three at discounted prices. Really awesome selection, got way more than three at the prices they had. Really great shipping, worked around my schedule. Due to weather delays, several orders came in today so I received about 35 pieces total. The packaging was really well done and getting these guys settled into the tank was a breeze. All of them are mostly out in just a couple of hours. So awesome! Not a single complaint for these guys! Will be back for the next sale.