Reef Pro Zooper Food Part B

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Reef Pro Zooper Food Part B -25 Gram

Reef Pro Zooper Food Part B is made from 100% natural zooplankton. The zooplankton used in our coral food have been carefully selected due to their high nutritional value, while avoiding the unwanted marine planktons that are high in phosphates, allowing us to achieve the highest quality coral food. Reef Pro Zooper Food Part B was specifically formulated for feeding Large Polyp Stony Corals (LPS) due to its heavier and denser consistency with particles ≤ 200 microns. The Reef Pro Zooper Food Part B consistency was designed to be heavier and less buoyant, allowing the particles of Reef Pro Zooper Food Part B to be gently deposited on the mouths of LPS Corals without the risk of them floating away. This consistency allows for optimal consumption of nutrients by LPS corals. The marine planktons used in this mixture contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and naturally occurring amino acids that promote growth and color. For the optimal nutrition consumption for Small Polyp Stony Corals (SPS) we recommend using Reef Pro Zooper Food Part A.


Prepare by hydrating Reef Pro Zooper Food Part B with aquarium water in a small container (Use ½ tsp. per 50 gallons). Allow mixture to sit for 60 seconds prior to feeding for proper hydration. Target feeding is recommended for best results: Begin by temporarily turning off any circulation pumps. Use a pipette or baster to slowly apply the food over the mouth of the coral. Keep a distance of 1-3in away from the coral mouth for optimal converge. Allow corals to feed for 15-20 minutes prior to turning on circulation pumps.

To feed all inhabitants at once, broadcast feed by pouring into heavy current. Reef Pro Zooper Food Part B may be fed daily to weekly.

Do not exceed recommended daily dose of (½ tsp. per 50 gallons)


Protein 66.36%,
Fat 10%,
Moisture 9.32%,
Fiber 3.58%,
Ash 9.30%.

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They are the best!! Best prices and corals are always beautiful and healthy upon arrival. They have great specials and cool promotions. I actually won a raffle contest through their reeftober fest. They sent me an unbelievable selection of frags including my new favorites. I’m from Dallas with numerous local fish stores and I won’t shop at any of them anymore.