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Care Level for Ultra Button Scoly (Scolymia australis)

Ease of Care: Moderate. The Ultra Button Scoly, a highly sought-after variety of Scolymia australis known for its vibrant colors and patterns, requires some specific care to thrive but is generally hardy once acclimated to a stable aquarium environment.

Lighting: Low to Moderate. These corals prefer lower to moderate lighting levels. Too intense lighting can cause bleaching or color fading, so it's crucial to find a balance that suits their needs, often through acclimation and observation.

Water Flow: Low to Moderate. Scolymia corals do best with gentle water flow. This ensures that they are not disturbed while also allowing for efficient feeding and removal of waste.

Water Parameters: Stability is key for keeping Scolymia corals healthy. Aim for temperatures between 76-82°F (24-28°C), pH levels of 8.1-8.4, and specific gravity of 1.025-1.026. Maintaining calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium within reef-appropriate levels is also crucial.

Dietary Needs: The Ultra Button Scoly is primarily photosynthetic but benefits greatly from supplemental feedings.

Recommended Foods: Meaty foods like mysis shrimp, finely chopped fish, and other suitable coral feeds can be offered directly to the coral. They have a feeding response that allows them to consume larger pieces of food.

Feeding Frequency: Direct feeding once or twice a week is beneficial, encouraging growth and maintaining vibrant coloration.

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David Tannenbaum
in the last week

Just got my first order in. Came the next day. Packaging was perfectly done and better than many other coral dealers. Each was clearly ID'd in specimen jars with care instructions for each one individually. The prior day I hadn't specified a delivery date (which is a great feature) and they called me to verify. Absolutely flawless experience and I'll be back. Really reasonable prices on corals as well. Worth every penny.

Erwin Bertomolde
a month ago

100% recommended, I had doubts about buy corals on line, but I trusted in Riptide Aquaculture and I’m satisfied with my choice, excellent service, All corals arrived in good conditions, good colors, and good shape.

Daniel Zia
a month ago

Excellent coral buying experience. All four corals arrived intact, each was packed in sufficient water and tripled bagged. Shipped from florida to california in 24 hrs. Communication was excellent and they adjusted delivery date per my request.

Mark Stover
a month ago

I just ordered 9 coral during Riptides recent reef2reef tiki sale. I requested they be delivered on a set day, but they realized that it may be too cold for shipping so they requested that it be moved out a week. The following week they shipped on time and the packaging was excellent. Heat pack inside the styrofoam box kept the coral warm in transit and each coral was triple bagged. They all were healthy and looked great when they arrived. One was kind of small, but I can’t really complain as it was only $5 during the sale. Overall I was very pleased with the entire process. I would highly recommend them.

a month ago

Really fun buying during the Tiki Torch Sale! (That may be the wrong name 🤷). Regardless, the sale was a ton of fun and I got some really amazing pieces for a crazy good price. They had crazy $5 specials, just had to be fast enough. You could win three of them, and you have to buy three at discounted prices. Really awesome selection, got way more than three at the prices they had. Really great shipping, worked around my schedule. Due to weather delays, several orders came in today so I received about 35 pieces total. The packaging was really well done and getting these guys settled into the tank was a breeze. All of them are mostly out in just a couple of hours. So awesome! Not a single complaint for these guys! Will be back for the next sale.