Iron Man Goniopora

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WYSIWYG – You will receive the exact piece in the photo. Corals are typically photographed on a 3/4" or 1-1/8"" ceramic frag plug. We shoot these pictured under Ecotech Radion G5 Blue's or Kessil A500X's

More about Gonipora

Goniopora coral, also known as flowerpot coral, is a type of coral that is popular among saltwater aquarium hobbyists for its unique and striking appearance. These coral are known for their bright colors, which can range from shades of blue and green to pink and purple. They have a distinctive, flowerpot-like structure that gives them a mesmerizing visual appeal. Goniopora coral are often modarate care for than some other types of coral, as they require specific water parameters and care in order to thrive. However, they are highly prized by experienced aquarists for their striking appearance and the diversity they can add to a reef tank. Goniopora coral are often used to add color and visual interest to a saltwater aquarium, and can be paired with a variety of other coral species to create a diverse and stunning display.

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