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Bali Shortcake Acropora

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Care Level for Acropora Corals

Ease of Care: Moderate to Difficult. Acropora are among the more challenging corals to keep due to their demands for pristine water conditions and stable tank parameters.

Lighting: High. Acropora corals thrive under intense lighting, which is crucial for their growth and coloration. LED or T5 lighting systems that can provide a spectrum suitable for zooxanthellae photosynthesis are preferred.

Water Flow: Moderate to High. These corals benefit from strong and intermittent water flow to mimic their natural habitat, promote gas exchange, and remove any detritus from their branches.

Water Parameters: Stability is key. Acropora prefer a temperature range of 75-82°F, specific gravity of 1.025-1.026, and a pH of 8.1-8.4. Calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels should be maintained in the correct proportions to support skeletal growth.

Dietary Needs: Acropora have symbiotic algae that provide most of their nutritional needs through photosynthesis, but they benefit from occasional feedings.

Recommended Foods: Fine particulate planktonic foods, coral foods rich in amino acids, and other micronutrients designed for small-polyped stony corals can be beneficial.

Feeding Frequency: Targeted feedings once or twice a week can suffice, but ensure the food is suspended in the water column to allow polyps to capture it.