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Disco Biscuit Mushroom

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Care Level for Discosoma Mushroom Coral

Ease of Care: Easy. Discosoma mushrooms are very adaptable and can thrive in a variety of tank conditions, making them excellent for beginners.

Lighting: Low to Moderate. These corals are tolerant of a range of lighting conditions but do well in lower light which simulates their natural understory habitat in the wild.

Water Flow: Low to Moderate. They prefer calmer waters which allow them to fully expand and engage in optimal photosynthesis and feeding.

Water Parameters: Typical reef conditions apply, with stable temperatures between 75-80°F, pH of 8.1-8.4, and specific gravity of 1.023-1.025.

Dietary Needs: Mainly photosynthetic. Discosoma mushrooms contain symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) that provide the majority of their nutritional needs through photosynthesis.

Recommended Foods: Although not necessary, they can benefit from occasional feeding of fine particulate foods or dissolved nutrients in the water.

Feeding Frequency: Direct feeding is not required but can be done sparingly, no more than once a week if desired.