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Monster Jam Psammocora

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Care Level for Psammocora Coral

Ease of Care: Moderate. Psammocora are robust and adaptable, suitable for most reef keepers with a stable system.

Lighting: Moderate. These corals are versatile and can thrive under a variety of lighting conditions but do best with consistent moderate lighting.

Water Flow: Moderate. Psammocora benefit from steady water movement which facilitates feeding and gas exchange.

Water Parameters: Keep water quality high, with a specific gravity of 1.023 to 1.025, pH levels of 8.1 to 8.4, and temperatures between 76°F to 78°F.

Dietary Needs: Primarily photosynthetic, Psammocora also benefit from supplemental feedings.

Recommended Foods: Fine particulate foods like planktonic preparations or powdered coral foods are well received.

Feeding Frequency: Supplementary feeding once a week is sufficient, provided that lighting and water quality are adequate.