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Goku Chalice

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Care Level for Chalice Corals

Ease of Care: Moderate to Difficult. Chalice corals can be more demanding, requiring stable and pristine water conditions.

Lighting: Moderate. They do best under moderate lighting, but their placement should be adjusted based on the coral's response and the intensity of light in the aquarium.

Water Flow: Low to Moderate. Gentle to moderate water movement is ideal, which helps them feed and prevents detritus from accumulating.

Water Parameters: Salinity should be around 1.025 specific gravity, pH between 8.1 and 8.4, and temperatures should range from 76°F to 82°F.

Dietary Needs: Photosynthetic but benefits from supplemental feedings.

Recommended Foods: Finely minced meaty foods, planktonic suspensions, or specially formulated coral foods can be provided.

Feeding Frequency: They can be target-fed 1-2 times per week, though they'll also capture nutrients from the water column.