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Green Star Polyps

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Care Level for Green Star Polyps (GSP)

Ease of Care: Easy. Green Star Polyps are one of the hardiest and fastest-growing corals, perfect for beginners.

Lighting: Moderate. They can thrive under a range of lighting conditions but do well with moderate lighting.

Water Flow: Moderate to High. They prefer steady water movement which helps to keep their mat-like structure free of detritus.

Water Parameters: Typical marine aquarium conditions apply, with specific gravity of 1.023-1.025, pH of 8.1-8.4, and temperatures between 76°F and 80°F.

Dietary Needs: GSP are predominantly photosynthetic and do not require regular direct feeding.

Recommended Foods: Not applicable; indirect feeding through water column nutrients and light suffices.

Feeding Frequency: Direct feeding is not necessary; they will absorb nutrients from the water and photosynthesize.