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The Benefits of Aquaculture Corals for Your Aquarium

Many aquarists are unaware that there is a difference between wild-caught corals and aquaculture corals. If you're thinking about adding new corals to your aquarium, it's important to understand the differences so you can make an informed decision. Here's a quick primer on why aquaculture corals are better for your aquarium than wild caught.

Where Do Wild Caught Corals Come From?
Wild-caught corals come from coral reefs in the ocean. They are collected by divers who harvest them and transport them to aquarium stores all over the world. While this form of harvesting can provide unique specimens that may not be available through aquaculture, it also has its drawbacks. For example, wild-caught corals may not have been properly cared for before they were harvested, resulting in poor health and reduced lifespan once they are placed in an aquarium. Additionally, many wild-caught corals are exposed to pests and bacteria which can affect their long-term health and viability.

Aquaculture corals are grown in controlled environments where water quality is carefully monitored and regulated. This helps ensure that the water parameters remain consistent, resulting in healthier, hardier specimens. In addition, aquacultured corals have been grown in captivity proving their viability in aquariums. This is a very important point to remember as the sad truth is, a lot of corals that are harvest from the ocean simply will no survive in an aquarium long term. Finally, since aquacultured corals are grown under controlled conditions, you can rest assured that no pollutants or other contaminants will be present when you add them to your tank.

When it comes time to choose new corals for your aquarium, consider going with aquacultured options instead of wild-caught ones. Not only do these offer greater peace of mind knowing that they won’t introduce any Pests into your tank, but they’re typically healthier than their wild counterparts and won’t require as much maintenance down the line either! With all these benefits considered together, it should be easy to see why choosing aquaculture over wild caught is always the better option!