Reeftober Fest

Reeftober Fest

Riptide Aquaculture | Reeftober Fest

| UP TO 90% OFF, $5 and FREE Coral|

TLDR Rules:

Corals will start to be added at 2 PM EST and go till 10Pm EST.
We will be posting up coral to our website every 5 minutes. 
You must spend $100 for every $5 frag you purchase.
For example, you buy two $5 frags, you must spend a total of $200 or if you buy five $5 frags, you must spend a total of $500 NOT including the cost of shipping. 
Items are first come first serve. First person to checkout gets the item. You do not need to have a cart total of $100 to purchase a $5 frags, just need to have spend that by the end of the sale 
Shipping is not free until you spend at least $250.
Shipping fees will be suspended until after the sale so you can build packs of coral without being charged for shipping every transaction.
At the end of the sale, If you don't meet the $250 free shipping cart total, we will invoice you for shipping.
Free shipping kicks in at $250, otherwise its $19.99 in Florida or $29.99 in the lower 48.
Extended addition rule and info 

Welcome to

Riptide Aquaculture | Reefotber Fest | UP TO 90% OFF, $5 and FREE Coral|

This is going to be one sale you aren't gonna wanna miss! We will also be dropping corals on our site every 5 minutes and posting them on Reef2Reef  
We are bringing back the $5 frags! Starting right now we will be posting $5 frags everyday leading up too Sunday Sept 25th! If you wanna get ahold of these deals its gonna be easy to do so! We will be able to hold your order till after the sale so you can combine your shipments and take full advantage of our free shipping over $250.

  • $5 frags posted Daily leading up to the and on Sept 25RD
    MUST SPEND $100 PER 5$ frag in your pack not including shipping)
  • Free shipping on orders over $250 (able to combine all orders together)
  • Mega Website updates with tons of amazing deals  
  • The Giveaway 

    What could you gonna WIN?
    all entries must be entered on the REEF2REEF thread  

  • We will be giving away Tons of FREE corals all this week!
    you better be ready for our Flash contest!

    we will also be giving away 
    $300 Gift Card 
    $250 Gift Card 
    Free Frags 

  • Wondering how to Enter? we have another post where we discuses all the ways to enter ( click here ) this will bring you right to that exact  post 

  • Way to Enter
    Each goal you complete you will receive entries according to the reward listed!
    (if you have completed the goals already please post a screen shot as proof and you will get the entries)

  • Goal #1 Join the RIPTIDE Aquaculture
    VIP Club by Texting RIPTIDE to 855-612-2607
    ( you will also automatedly get a 15% off coupon code texted)
    POST a Screen shot on this thread and collect the reward!
    Reward 10 Entries

    Goal #2 TAG 5 Reef2Reef Friends as a reply to this Giveaway post .
    REWARD: 5 entries
    Goal #3 Share our flyer on your social media. This Flyer
    post screen screen shot/ and shared through you Account to collect the reward
    reward 5 entries per share

    Goal #4 join our Email list
    ( Click HERE)
    POST a Screen shot on this thread and collect the reward!
    Reward 5 Entries

    Goal #5 Create an account on our website. (click here)
    POST a screen shot and collect this reward

    Goal #6 Post a FULL TANK SHOT
    Collect the reward!
    Reward 5 Entries.

    Goal #6 Post Everyday leading up to the sale with a Quality post( question, photos or other reef related content)
    (GIFS not counting toward this goal)

    Reward 20 Entries rewarded before the end of giveaway.

    Follow this thread and watch for daily flash contest!