Riptide Aquaculture March 7th Monday FLASH SALE!!!

Riptide Aquaculture March 7th Monday FLASH SALE!!!

You know the drill! If you see something you like, grab it and checkout QUICK! These pieces are first come first serve.
We will combine the orders at the end, so don't worry about that at all.

Flash SALE- Shipping Module

-There will not be any free shipping during this event.

-State of Florida $19.99 ( Shipping Modules Click Here )

Everywhere else $29.99 ( Shipping Modules Click Here )
Click Here
-There will not be any free shipping during this event.

-We will be shipping using flat rates.
-Being that we can only ship so much we are limiting our ship outs per day. So get your module while its avalible!

-When selecting your shipping options please make sure that day works for you. If you need to change your shipping day we need notice 24 hours prior to your ship out to make that change.

$15 Frags, BUY as many as you like!

You may purchase either ONE $1 OR ONE $5 Fiesta Frag per 100$ spent
( Shipping Module not included in the total ).
*Purchases of more than one Fiesta frag per $100 spent will result in the additional $1,$5 Fiesta frags being refunded at the end of the event.*
We reserve the right to select the pieces we refund.
if buy the off chance that 2 people get the same item by checking out at the same time, we will do our best to fulfill both orders.

-Local pick-ups are always welcome please reach out ASAP if you plan on this option.

ALL of our frags are WYSIWYG with the number one goal of being accurate to the coral. ALL of the Items will be posted on this thread starting at 4PM EST on March 7th.
They will be uploaded to R2R in batches with prices and links to each item.
You will need to check out fast using as it is a first come first to check out gets the piece. we are offering the Express check out options so the items will go fast.

-All orders from the Fiesta Flash sale are final. No exchanges, refunds or credits will be issued. No coupon codes, discounts, or credits can be applied towards Fiesta Flash sale item.

-If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE reach out to us via PM on R2R, OR through email at Please include your full name in either method of communication so we can properly identify you. We will not be able to decipher who you are by your R2R username or email. Please be patient with us if we are not able to get to your email or messages right away, we will work as quickly as we can.


Here is a link to our Live Arrival Guarantee.

-Only pay for shipping once. We are offering Shipping modules that specifies the day you want to RECEIVE your box on our site. Once you have Purchased this shipping module simply select the "Fiesta Flash sale" shipping option and you will not be charged again for shipping.

-We recommend you ether have pre-purchased your shipping module or have it in your cart before the sale begins. We are capping the quantity on ship-outs per day so don't wait.​